I don't cook.  I burn toast and my casseroles are soupy.  I wish it was different but it’s the truth.  My husband plays professional baseball and it’s vital he gets the best nutrition he can.  With that being said, he can't live off burnt toast and watery casseroles so we were super happy when we found sweet Lea.  On both a personal and professional level, she's everything we could want in our kitchen.  While its hard to put into words just how wonderful she is, I do hope this gives you greater insight to her strong dedication and commitment to her profession.  

Plain and simple Lea knows food.  She knows how to make any dish pretty and it doesn't just LOOK good, it IS good.  I swear she could make dirt look edible.  Honestly, I never realized how important presentation is,  especially with two small toddlers.  Eating (and eating HEALTHY) can be a battle for the littles.  Right, moms?!  If its not a frozen Mickey Mouse waffle or Easy Mac n Cheese my babes may run.  BUT since having Lea, they now request her famous meatballs and pumpkin chili.  I honestly think they have a greater appreciation for food (real food!) thanks to Lea.  Feeding the body is like feeding the mind and soul.  Everything goes hand in hand and I'm so thankful we have her talent with us to help in making us feel our best.  

 She's flexible.  We definitely don't have the easiest schedule but she's always a dear when it comes to making things a right fit for us.  She truly is all about her clients.  She understands when weird cravings come about, when we feel the need to change a menu last minute, and she's always willing to work with us on helping to create that menu.  She simply knows food.  She knows how to pair things together and her suggestions are always there.  However, she's always willing to listen to my crazy ideas and run with them if needed.  "Lea, I'm craving a protein pancake.  What ingredients are you thinking?" Or "Lea can we create a veggie patty that's PALEO.  But add in lots of flavor".   She can do basic (pasta, chicken and rice) yet she's willing to jazz it up and create something fun and different.  Different and difficult doesn't stop her.  She just wants her clients happy.  

She simply understands nutrition.  This is another huge reason why we are so grateful for her help.  She understands what the body needs and why.  Cooking for her is much more than mixing and tasting, creating and eating.  She wants us to understand nutrition better and how it can effect our bodies, both internally and externally.  Sometimes I wonder if she had a glimpse into dermatology school.  She's definitely heard a lot about skin issues, sensitivity, etc from our house but she's always willing to listen, help and offer her advice when it comes to feeding our bodies.  She understands food allergies, picky toddlers, weird diets, weird requests, sensitivity and quickly adapts to the family’s needs.  With that being said, she's a friend.  She's always kind, loving and respectful.  We simply adore her.    

Lea truly has a passion for cooking and a passion for people.  We are so blessed, SO blessed, to call her our friend.  

-Ashley M.

We Can't say enough amazing things about Lea, at The Passionate Plate. My kids have food allergies to gluten, dairy and soy.  These allergens are some of the hardest ones to eliminate when cooking.  Lea has found a way to make tasty and healthy alternatives for our lifestyle; with beautiful soups, gluten free pasta dishes and tasty proteins to pair with rice and vegetables.  Because of Lea, we no longer feel as though we are missing out on restaurant food.  She offers recipes of her own, or can tweak a personal recipe to suit your dietary needs.  Her creativity, kindness and culinary knowledge, has made her a blessing to our family.


Heidi, Mark, Gabby and Brooks D.

The food is absolutely delicious!!  When we come home, the kitchen is immaculate, yet smells so good and there is an entire refrigerator full of food.  When it is time for us to eat, I have no idea what to eat first.  I am in food heaven!  Your service had had and extremely positive effect on the way we funtion as a family in the evenings.  We feel very fortunate to be able to sit down every night to a professionally cooked meal without all the stress of preparation and clean up.  To top it off, you have broadened out taste palates!  I have also referred several friends, telling them all the good things that have come from your service.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-Caroline J.