​Allow me to take the guess work out of your weekly meal planning and food preparation, by providing you with a menu based on your family's specific health, dietary and personal preferences.  I will leave you with a clean kitchen, a work weeks worth of nutritious meals and plenty of extra time to sit and relax at the dinner table. 

Cook Day Service INcludes the Following:

-Custom designed menu of 4-5 entree's (4-6 portions each)and appropriate side dishes.

-Cook day grocery shopping for the freshest ingredients

​-All Meals prepared in the client's home, using my equipment. Food is labeled and stored, fresh or frozen, your choice.

​-Rheating and food safety instructions for each meal.

-Your kitchen is left sparkling clean and sanitized.

Pricing for standard 4X4 Service:

4 entrees and sides/ 4-6 portions each

$375 + Cost of groceries

*Pricing may vary for different types of service or special diets.

*If a standard service, does not meet your needs, we can customize.

​-The Passionate Plate

Making every plate something to be passionate about!